Friday, February 11, 2011

Time for a new post!!

Its just a comment I made on an article in NYTimes. This post intends to drive your interest on that very particular issue, 'agriculture in India'.
The following is the link to the article.

"Article on NYTimes Galloping Growth, and Hunger in India"

Read the above article first and have a look at the comment below after that.

I really admire the true-consensus that NYTimes makes on very remote issues like the one about the farmer in this article.

My father is a farmer living in a small village in Andhra Pradesh, India.My dad has striven hard to send me to a school and provide good education so that i wouldn't have to work hard in the fields like him. And now I am in IIT, the prestigious institute.And I am going to get a big pay-check after my graduation (it's not a big deal for IITian :P). <<----- Yeah!! Come on, I am not getting that pay-check, but many get it, isn't it?!------>>

My dad has recently sold out the 5-acre farming land, as each year we are not able to even recover the money we put in the farming.There are many farmers like my dad with a good educated child, who are moving out of villages leaving the land.(Vastly i think this is the main reason behind increasing urbanization of India, well even the urban areas won't be able to sustain the increasing population)

There are so many other issues the article hasn't covered( of course, i don't expect such a large problems in agriculture system of India to be listed out in this tiny article).The point is, there is no modernization of agriculture, not at all, except for the one who has more acres of land and who can spend some money on the machine. My mom also started going to field as we are not able to recover the costs for machine and labor.And we have never stored out rice-grains in warehouses since 20 years i knew, it was always our own house.

There is an intense need to attract the youth to areas like these in India. There is lot of entrepreneurial-wind breezing in the Indian universities and there are lot of capable technological centers in India to modernize the agriculture.

At last, no individual, in gross, is driven by the dream to make India shine in world platform. Its his own belly he is trying to fill.So,I think if agriculture can be shown as a profitable modern-entrepreneurial venture, the elite of Indian students will be attracted.

Hope, one day, I will again grow crops in my sold-out land !! :D


  1. nice one ra :)
    To buy that sold-out land,we need money..and to earn money,we need a job of sort of thing..for that we need some cgpa sort of thing :p..for that we need to study ..are we really doing that??
    Let the change begin from individual and that is us so called elite people.

  2. no no....its not about me getting a job or its not about buying that land.( i was being metaphorical :) )
    i intend to through light upon the problems being faced by the Indian Farmer and cultivate an interest in agriculture industry among the youth.