Thursday, August 19, 2010

Holden Caulfield Speaking!! ( I Too Can write Fiction :D..)

So, here i am, HOLDEN CAULFIELD. I have to become something.I mean, I don't need to do something.But this f**ing system, the 'rules' system, it's making me to decide that i need to do something.
Well, some triumphant Apple Winner told that u need to do what you like, what you love.Damn I don't love anything particular right now.I have very little knowledge of world.I was a small, poor....actually i didn't know i was poor.Well, you can always find someone richer, and call yourself poorer and you can as well find someone poorer one and say yourself richer .My parents always used to say,"compare with someone more smarter than you and you will know you gotta be more smart". Well, what the hell is goddamn matter with me.
I am, human, always stuck by rules. The principal ***r f**r had a rule.Damn it :o , i shouldn't call him an MF. Hell there's no rule, I will call.You see, humans can't live without rules.No , they have lived.See the kings, the rules always bendable by them, I mean see the king... Wtf, i am not here to write a melodrama, or something and print it for some to read.I will write, whatever i want.So, i like this idea. I have got very limited exposure of world. See, how different my exposure to world is, as from someone by the one in my opposite room.I know this Butterfly Effect, right. This is kind of the same.I always want do every job, you know one day i am film star, and then i am farmer and then a beggar, and then a driver, and then a magician, and then a great artist, and then a politician. Well i want everything.Then I will come to know what everyone is doing. Haan, I want to be hacker. Man, i will hack all this goddamn grade and registration data and burn all these guys' f***ing shit.Chaos!! Kudos Joker. And then i would be a scientist and invent stuff. And then a big writer...I never wished it actually. The point is i want do "all this".
F*** man!! i have to do something.Let me imagine that this my last day on earth. What i will do. I wanna drive a Ferrari. And i wanna cook something really great. and i wanna cartoon some of my crazy ideas. i want to have a perfect time with this crush of mine, whom i nevr even talked with. And, yeah that website, man.........

_______the 'tiny', slangy style inspired by the book "Catcher In The Rye". Hope, it made you say ' Damn! wt d hell m i reading'. Keep Smiling :) .