Thursday, August 19, 2010

Holden Caulfield Speaking!! ( I Too Can write Fiction :D..)

So, here i am, HOLDEN CAULFIELD. I have to become something.I mean, I don't need to do something.But this f**ing system, the 'rules' system, it's making me to decide that i need to do something.
Well, some triumphant Apple Winner told that u need to do what you like, what you love.Damn I don't love anything particular right now.I have very little knowledge of world.I was a small, poor....actually i didn't know i was poor.Well, you can always find someone richer, and call yourself poorer and you can as well find someone poorer one and say yourself richer .My parents always used to say,"compare with someone more smarter than you and you will know you gotta be more smart". Well, what the hell is goddamn matter with me.
I am, human, always stuck by rules. The principal ***r f**r had a rule.Damn it :o , i shouldn't call him an MF. Hell there's no rule, I will call.You see, humans can't live without rules.No , they have lived.See the kings, the rules always bendable by them, I mean see the king... Wtf, i am not here to write a melodrama, or something and print it for some to read.I will write, whatever i want.So, i like this idea. I have got very limited exposure of world. See, how different my exposure to world is, as from someone by the one in my opposite room.I know this Butterfly Effect, right. This is kind of the same.I always want do every job, you know one day i am film star, and then i am farmer and then a beggar, and then a driver, and then a magician, and then a great artist, and then a politician. Well i want everything.Then I will come to know what everyone is doing. Haan, I want to be hacker. Man, i will hack all this goddamn grade and registration data and burn all these guys' f***ing shit.Chaos!! Kudos Joker. And then i would be a scientist and invent stuff. And then a big writer...I never wished it actually. The point is i want do "all this".
F*** man!! i have to do something.Let me imagine that this my last day on earth. What i will do. I wanna drive a Ferrari. And i wanna cook something really great. and i wanna cartoon some of my crazy ideas. i want to have a perfect time with this crush of mine, whom i nevr even talked with. And, yeah that website, man.........

_______the 'tiny', slangy style inspired by the book "Catcher In The Rye". Hope, it made you say ' Damn! wt d hell m i reading'. Keep Smiling :) .

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


let my write my ideas dat r pinging me continuously from soo many fact the purpose of the blog was just to keep track of my personal ideas n experiences. it was meant to be a digital dairy...
soo 1st one is a website for alphabets of each stream. aah now.. hve u got wat does that mean ?
let me explain..
i had watched toystory 3 in 3D. i really liked it. i really liked their work. the light rays that are making nice world in itself to explain some story.well who wont get fascinated by it. so, i started thinking how can i make one animation of course its not possible for me.but u knw d pretty mind doesn't let me b calm u c. so i started browsing how to learn make an animated object.well i had a nice n long swim in d web ocean .. (dis swimming is my favorite of all hobbies).well in spite of my brain 'pores' getting highly flooded with the web 'water'. i couldn't find a nice way path to learn the animation. what i want is someone who can explain me how all this is made and what do i have to go through to make a really nice short movie like that of Pixar :D.i know its a dream that can nevr gonna b true :( . but i like dreaming:D
are there any music freaks, oh i said this is personal (so, i think i am asking myself). YYeaah, u knw how hard core fan am i to music.let me tell u few things i do in a typical day.when i 1st jump into my ocean to swim ( yeah u r ryt, that's my chrome in my laptop). i will type A R Rahman in google and click on news, and browse about his upcoming audio release news gossips n all d stuff.and then same for coldplay repeated. and then the iTunes store..this part of the ocean is the ultimate place to swim, (the 'apple part').in itunes i check the topselling tracks of the day and downlaod (lol am indian n moreover IITian i dont buy it). soo this explains how freaky am i about the music.whenevr u lsiten to some coldplay r Rahman..or any other music, u must hve wondered what instrument is making that particulr sound.and may be how a guitar can b played that way (am not at all into playing :( ..). soo how do we clarify all these small wonder doubts about the instrumetns and sounds in our favorite track.... there should hve been at elast one online source. but u see again that webswim is really boring sometimes particularly when u are hunting down in dat ocean.soo how about a webapplciation in which u enter the song details n get back all the instruments with its notes on a time scale. Music freaks would Llooove itt!!. but u knw u gotta know to create a webapplication is again a big issue needed to be learnt.n i swam again. got my skin flooded all agian.but no use i hardly got any nice webpage explaining me how can one arrive at a webapplication what all hve to be learnt on the way.none explains the path.
there are soo many fields about which we are really interested but don't know how to start and where to start. like one more field is, how these sound engineer guys create such noise environments and how one can create such beautiful pieces like iPhone..and soo many others
if you are serious about anything u would start from the very basics of the field, like if u want to learn a new language, u would start from alphabets then words then sentences, ten the language. so we need to learn aplhabets of each thing to arrive at, like we have to learn a serious amount of backround to create Buzz Light year in toy story, we have to learn from it's alphabets. at least,one should be provided with the information of the path in which they gonna follow to learn animation. same thing applies to creating a web application, need to know where the filed starts.
soo i think we need to create an alphabet site, where one can know what all do they have to learn to create something in that particular filed they are searching for.the site need to give them the idea of the path they should take to arrive at that thing. And ideally the site should give information about every field ( every science and arts n engineering). soo this is the alphabet site.
well there are soo many other ideas, some are 'steal-able'. but i am soo disappointed, coz i haven't put any of these ideas into reality.
(to myself..shouldn't forget the scripts, the marketing technique for piracy)

(unedited, even i m not checking the spelling)

Sunday, February 21, 2010

A diplomatic solution to the some of ongoing social-political problems in India

About the speaker

"Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan (Telugu: జయప్రకాశ్ నారయణ్ ; 1956 - ), widely known as JP, a farmer IAS who resigned, is the president ofLok Satta Party and currently an MLA (Member of Legislative Assembly) from Kukatpally constituency in Andhra Pradesh.[1] He is also a former Indian public administrator, a social reformer and a columnist.[1] He is well known for his role in bringing electoral reforms and for his columns on democracy in leading Indian daily newspapers" ---(borrowed from wikipedia article on Dr.JP )
Round Table Conference on Parliamentary affairs organized by Sri Somanath Chattarjee (total 4 videos of each 10 mins duration,watch it if have ever waited for an intellectual in politics))

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A mad roar ...(hope no one would read this)

( all these things here have no proofs or may be noo meanings too. i just wanna get relive of these crazy gudd or bad thoughts,so i typed them down.And i am happy to argue with me on the points i have made )

We r here for something, i mean on earth.We have feelings we can feel the pain, we can be happy,i am sitting here in well conditioned room having delicious meals daily in my job is to study the nature laws(well i thought i would do this after coming here).i will go to the class n come n chill out.but u see the world .u see the people on roads when u go for say a “3idiots”.

people are fighting for their lives,for their place for their rights, for food. Somalia conflict going from 1990s to still running, naxalss in my own place, terrorism in Islamic countries,food less people staying on the foot path of my college wall. The people displaced from various places in Delhi to make it look beautiful for the coming Commonwealth games.still the each displaced family hasn't been provided place to stay as small as my room(u know we should get single room actually) at least,i have seen their places. Far from the city,far from the work far from the food far from the home. A rebel, an insurgency starts dis way, when people loose their rights when people beg for their land. The peace full idealism by our so called Gandhian heritage, the belief in the government is holding soo many people back in the peace stage. When the rope is cut totally the violence hits the enemy of their land. It becomes a terrorism.

Well soo many problems.apparently there is no solution? Wat's the common problem jetting humans fight on other human. I am analysing the things. A former wont analyse y the government is trying to pull his land. It is is his family's life. On the other side of the coin one scientist group is worried how we have come this vast world has formed.(u see this really is a beautiful question).

I don't give a damn about the one sleeping on the college compound footpath. Let's chill out guys...let's have a debate on the “count your chickens before they hatch”.lets make an inter hostel event.let's increase our u know the soo called management aptitude..let's explore the ways to make an excellent model for this formula one race car.Some people here work for their cv's their jobs and some for their fun(well i don't work for anything, i am worst of all :P, i am too lazy).u see how exciting is it to see a robot walking n talking.that's what triggering a student to analyze it .fine,! It's OK And someone studies because around some 400 years ago newton got wondered seeing the motions of stars. It's not out of his interest a 8th class student is studying Newton's law.It's driven by the civilized educational system. Like Leonardo da'Vinci none has any opportunity to paint the nature in this globalized life form It's not out of our interests each one of us are doing what we are doing now. All the world is injecting some interests to each others The education system, u see. The situation is this is the way we humans live. This is the way we fill our stomachs. We try to formulate an ordered system of “civilians”.

i had a principle in the thermodynamics that says the system goes in a direction in which the disorderliness in the proceeded state is more than in the previous one. So we n this planet our grandpa's were monkeys, then they were colonies, then they had the customs , then the way of living, making arts then the kingdoms, then the present day democracy. (U see the democracy meaning in the global rather i think, planetary context the earth is same for everyone. We each of human have same right on the earth.this is the state we have transformed to. Now that's the democracy in the international context.) Where would the world next go. Is the disorderliness increased from monkeys to kings to politicians. Dude u r wrong . U think monkeys are more ordered than kings,than politicians. No i am not. The monkeys actions are disordered more if we don;t use the brains. But u know how intelligent is the pilot who thrown atom bomb on Nagasaki. That's a plenty of disorderliness haa..?!!

u r proposing a wrong theorem. I am not saying the disorderliness in the physical world. It's in the way we are “globalizing” , i am talking about. The more globalize the more disorderliness with a lots of interconnections still holding. Am i meaningless (better u don't read dis).where is the world going.

Y u worry about these social structural models man.. y u worry about how some human came on this planet man.....y r u investigating the purpose of human life. Do not. Because there are people striving for water. For home...go n get them.

Juzz stop dis bakwass yaar. U need to get a job n have a gudd car a gudd digit paypack and also u know y should not think about all gives ntng to them, the people who are sufferng. Nor anything to u.

......................What do u think where the science would have gone, if each one is inspired by the nature directly. U see how quantum mechanics came into existence.( i wish the whole uncertainty principle would be wrong). All this interconnections the flow of information among the scientific community. This science is the result of the inspiration of the nature directly on single human mind. This is not out of his own curiosity that it has come from. The PhD thesis inspired the de broglie to propose that relation.She, the beautiful Nature hasn't inspired anything. I am a mindless fellow never mind. I hope all this rules and the “civilized way of life” would not have resulted me in thinking all dis crazy stuff